Flawless Sew-in

Are You Ready For You Flawless Sew-in

Have you ever been jumping for joy like a child in a toy store or your guy when he gets his new gadget to play with. That’s how the ladies feel when its time for that fresh install to sit back and relax and get pampered.

It’s a time to release all the stress from the work week while getting your scalp massaged as the warm water flows through your locks prepping you for your flawless sew-in install.

A sew-in is protective style for your natural so it can continue to grow as it acts as a protected layer. The hair extensions are sewn on a net that’s attached to your braid pattern. The braid pattern can be different for each install depending on how the hair will be worn for the sew-in. A hair net is sewn onto the braid pattern as a protective barrier. Using a hair net makes it easier to apply oil in between the braids to prevent itching and keep your natural hair moisturized.

It’s important to understand that the braids shouldn’t be so tight that its unbearable. Having to tight braids can cause hair loss and the reason to get them in first place is as a protective style. If you notice tight beads around the braids on your hairline the talk with your stylist to have the braids loosen up. Don’t let it get that far speak up while the braids are being install.

The installation of your hair extensions can take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours depending on the hair style. After all you came to get slayed so sit back and relax and enjoy the pampering. Once that installation is finished and you look in the mirror at the finish product you feel like a million dollars same person just dolled up with a fabulous install. If you need more tips check out our Hair Extension Maintenance Tips in the hair blog section.

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