Prepping Your Natural Hair Before Sew-In

It’s a good idea to take a break between sew-in hair installs to give your natural hair a chance to breathe. Letting your natural hair breath while giving it some TLC for a week or two is good before the install.

During the transition break it’s important to remember to take care of your natural hair just like you would the hair extensions. Keeping your hair conditioned, moisturized and hydrated between installs will keep you with a healthy head of hair.

The moisturizing shampoo that you choose has to be gentle and protect your hair against losing its natural oil. Avoid shampoos with alcohol or its derivatives. Hydratherma Naturals is an excellent moisture boosting shampoo it contains multiple natural extracts including Seaweed, Algae & Sea Kelp with a hint of essential oils that will get your hair healthy and keep it there.

Once you’re finished washing your hair part it in four to six sections and prep for the conditioning. Hydratherma Naturals also have the conditioner to use that restores elasticity and adds moisture to the hair. Take a portion and apply to each section of your hair and leave in for an hour so it can deep condition. Apply a plastic shower cap to cover your hair while the conditioner works its magic.

Once you rinse the conditioner out style your hair in the style of your choice until you get your next hair install.

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