How to Wash Your Hair While Wearing a Weave

leave-in conditioners

Your hair style is still looking flawless from your install fours weeks ago with no issues. Don’t forget to neglect your own natural hair underneath the extensions. Often times we fail to forget to take care of our natural hair and it becomes damaged, brittle and unhealthy.

If you’re not going to see your hair stylist every two weeks it’s important to keep your own natural tresses moisture and condition underneath your hair weave. One you don’t want your hair to get moldy, start smelling and get damaged. It’s important to ensure you have able time dedicated to the upkeep maintenance for your hair. The process can last from 1.5 to 2 hours depending on your hairstyle and to ensure that your hair underneath is properly dried and not damp.


Everyone is not comfortable with maintaining their hair extensions between salon visits for fear of messing up. Fear not we are here to offer our tips on how we take care of our natural hair underneath the extensions. Always have all the ingredients you will be using to wash your hair your shampoos, conditioners, oils you will be using, combs, brushes and your hair dryer.

We find using an old bottle that had oil in it with the application tips works wonders to get all the dirt and grime from between your braids. Mixing the shampoo with a couple drops of oil and applying between the row of braids will help with moisture and getting down to the nitty gritty to loosen everything up making it easier to lather up for cleaner hair.

There are different preferences when it comes to conditioners. The same technique can be used to apply the conditioner between the braids and applying to the hair extensions and letting it sit for about twenty minutes or so. Another option is to use the leave in conditioner spray. You would spray the conditioner along the row of hair extension tracks to ensure your covering your natural hair to keep it nice and moist. A light oil can then be used to seal in such as carrot oil, black castor oil, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil or jojoba oil can be applied to the scalp and massaged in.

Now comes the waiting part when getting ready to dry your hair. You have different options with the portable hooded dryers or the kind you can put on your head and go watch tv while waiting for your hair to completely dry. It’s a good idea to section the hair into fours and plait each section down or do like a hair twist for each and secure. The focus should be to ensure that the roots of your hair are completely dry with no dampness. You don’t want your hair to mildew and grow bacteria causing it to be smelly and possible get an infection. Once your hair is completely dry now it’s time to style it to your preference and bam you’re looking fabulous like the day you walked out of the hair salon.


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